Chinese Freemasons is a worldwide non-profit national organization and has been established in Canada since 1863. Today, it involves thousands of members in 18 chapters across the country. It has worked tirelessly as a liaison between the Chinese community and Government as it has helped many immigrates becoming part of Canadian society. We encourage members of the Chinese community to fully participate as citizens of this multicultural nation.

Chinese Freemasons (Hung Mun), otherwise known as the Chinese Freemasons has history dating back to the early years of the Qing (Cantonese: Ch'ing) Dynasty (1646 A.D.)! Dr. Sun Yet San, considered to be one of the National Fathers of the Peoples Republic of China, was a member of the Chinese Freemasons. It was funding from the Chinese Freemasons that helped with the overthrow of China's last dynasty, the Qing dynasty and formed the Peoples Republic of China.

Today, there are Chinese Freemasons in every major Chinese communities of Canada, United States, Europe, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, and many other countries.

Regina Chinese Freemason Chapter was established on 1929 and re-opened at 1811 St. John Street, Regina on 2008. Regina Chinese Freemason Chapter is also the member of Regina Multicultural council.

We are proud to be affiliated with Canadian Hung Kuen Association and local Dancing groups. Our purpose is to promote Kung Fu & Fitness, Lion Dance performance, traditional dance classes etc.