History of the Chinese Freemasons of Canada

Chinese Freemasons of Canada existed in Canada before Canada itself was recognized as a nation. We helped many Chinese settlers that fell upon hardship during the gold rush and construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the late 1800's.

Chinese Freemasons of Canada has also supported the Regina Philippine Association and other Chinese Association for many years. Through our compassion and generosity, we have provided healthcare and housing to sick and elderly across Canada. Chinese Freemasons has been generous in fund raising efforts and in sharing resources with the broader community.

Chinese Freemasons of Canada have offered assistance to the larger Asian community in Canada that has led to the improved welfare of many citizens.

Currently, Chinese Freemasons of Canada acts as fraternities amongst overseas Asians, participates in and organizes charitable events. In addition to supporting the well-being of China, the CFM of Canada actively promotes and participates in the growth of its local communities.

We work very hard to provide greater economic success and social cohesion each year.


2017 Chinese New Year Speech from Chairman Nelson Eng



8th Anniversary from Chairman Nelson Eng

Your Honor, Deputy General Consulate , Mr ZhenTing Gao The Honorable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness Mr Andrew Scheer, M.P. House Leader of the Opposition Party The Honorable Mark Docherty, Minister of Parks, Culture & Sport Mr Trent Wotherspoon, Official Leader of the Opposition party; MLA for Regina Rosemont His Worship Michael Fougere, Mayor of Regina Distinguished guests Ladies and gentlemen,

Good evening!

It is such a pleasure to welcome each and every one of you to the 8th Anniversary of the re-establishment of the Regina Chinese Freemasons. I am truly honored to be celebrating this happy occasion with you tonight. The Chinese Freemasons is an international non-profit organization with over 20 chapters and thousands of members across Canada. In Canada since 1863, the organization has been liaising between Chinese Immigrants and Government Departments to help them become a part of this multicultural nation of ours.

The Regina Chapter was first established in 1929 and since we re-established our Chapter 8 years ago, we have participated in a number of success stories. We have gathered here tonight to celebrate our achievements: 2013 marked the 26th Anniversary of the Z99 Radiothon raising over $4 million to support the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit at the Regina General Hospital in Saskatchewan. The Regina Chinese Freemasons were excited to be involved in such a worthy cause. In 2014, we raised money for the Pediatric Asthma Clinic through our New Year Celebration. In 2015 , we raised money for the Pediatric Outpatient Unit through the New Year Celebration. In 2016, we raised money for the Children’s Ward of Regina General Hospital. And just last month, we worked together with Mrs. Helen Liang, owner of China Liang, and raised over $8,000.00 for the disaster of Fort McMurray.

We, as Canadians, need to stand together and provide both moral and financial support as they rebuild their new lives. This is the Canadian way and also our Chinese Freemason’s spirit. Working together as Canadian and supporting each other will make a difference!

Your honors, Ladies and gentlemen, Chinese Freemasons wishes to maintain friendly and cooperative relations with Government departments. Yet we do believe the three principles – Loyalty, Justice & Chivalry among all our brethren and sisters. I do believe there is still enormous room for our relations to be expanded and upgraded, and with perseverance and concerted efforts, the future will be even brighter. Now may I propose a toast? To the health of your honors and everyone present, To the Chinese Freemasons of Canada, To closer cooperation between Chinese Freemasons and Canada, Cheers! Thank you !


Thank you !


我們洪門是一個愛國家,愛民族愛自由愛民主,愛和平的社團,一百五十年來不知歷盡多風霜雨雪,艱苦備嘗,尤以面對祖國復雜政局的衝撃和影響,我們先賢始終貫徹愛國愛鄉,復興中華民族的正確主張,遵守洪門三大信條和四大精神,使洪門組織處於不敗之地,爲國爲民,努力以赴,立下豐功偉績,萬古常青,史冊昭垂,爲世人所欽仰。 現在洪門在全加很多城市遍設機構,日益發展壯大,相繼建立洪門堂煌大廈,百年基業愈見穩固,在黨務上做了許多愛國利民,慈善公益,造福僑社的工作,對推進中加友誼和多元文化的發展作出了積極貢獻,這是洪門叔父昆仲辛勤奮鬥的成果,沒有辜先賢創立洪門之初衷